I knew about sebaweh from one of my friends in university.. I have been decided to go to Egypt me and my family to learn Arabic language and Quraan but he advised me that it will be easier for me and my family to get online education like him and he told me that he learnt very much from sebaweh online center .. In the same day, I told my wife about this idea and started our lessons in Arabic languages.. Me, my wife and my two daughters been their loyal students since 2 years. They did a lot for us really barakallahu Feehum. Their teachers I think they are the best trained teachers among the other centers. We are very satsfied with the professional way they teach us in it. Lessons of Quraan also are amazing and now my daughters read Quraan very well Mashallah.. Even I started now Tajheed lessons and I am very happy to read Quraan in the right way.. May Allah bless you all and reward you for every efforts you do for us... Canada